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Custom Designed Aquariums & Ponds

This part of our business has really gained traction over the last few years. Designing and installing custom bespoke aquatic marvels for businesses and personal usage has become our passion. We specialise in glass tanks as that is what the market demands currently, however, if Acrylic is what you need we can organise this too making sure your design stands out from the rest!

Fish4u is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and specialise in designing and building custom designed aquariums. Although most of our client’s aquariums have been on the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Sydney Metropolitan areas we have travelled all over NSW to install aquariums so please call us for more information.
Below you will find out some more information on the different setups we specialise in.


Ask yourself, “Is the person installing the aquarium going to maintain it?” If not, there is little incentive to do the job right and you will typically find that the person you do contract to maintain the tank will want to redo the whole thing.


Custom Designed Aquariums

This is where you have an idea and we turn it into a reality. This part of our business is booming with the likes of Samsung, Citizen, Maritimo, San and Mater Hospital, dozens of RSL’s and other Prominent Nursing Homes like Buba, utilising our skills to produce some of the most eye catching tanks in Sydney. It is a niche market that we specialise in.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at fish4u and we strive to deliver the best results. If it is glass or acrylic you desire we can help. Rest assured we will make sure your dream tank is installed safely with the proper contingencies in place.

We maximise viewing pleasure by hiding all filtration devices so your underwater world comes alive. Once we have identified the size and shape of your required tank we can work on the plumbing and filtration systems required to provide life in the aquarium. This will be planned meticulously to get it right the first time! We want you to love what we do and we can’t wait to see what you have in mind for us.

A custom made fish tank will breathe life into an office, home or any large business


Pond Design And Installation

This is very much at the forefront of what we do here at Fish4u. We have designed countless ponds and can work with your landscaper or builder to make sure everything works as it should. As you can imagine every job can be different in this category and it will require a closer inspection before a quote is issued.


For custom tanks over 1000 litres, Please contact Andrew Mclaren – 0415 471 789


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