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Aquarium & Pond Maintenance

Aquarium or pond maintenance and cleaning is not for everyone – Fish4u will simplify this procedure so you can spend more time enjoying your aquarium or pond.

Whether it is gravel cleaning, water changes, testing water parameters, filter maintenance, light replacements, upkeep of plants/ corals, catching fish or introducing fish don’t worry:


Fish4u can do it all.


Fish tank maintenance on the Northern Beaches and North Shore is where the majority of our work comes from. We service aquariums for many Strata run establishments and have the necessary qualifications and insurance to provide a reliable service.  

Please contact us if you have a tank that needs servicing or cleaning.

With our regular clients we work on a four week basis for the maintenance of the aquarium. This allows us to maintain a healthy environment for the fish and ensures the tank looks good at all times. We are happy to train clients who we have installed custom or regular aquariums/ponds. Some clients prefer to do it themselves and we will support your decision.

We can provide you with as much information as is possible to help you maintain a beautiful aquarium. Fish4u can help with the following issues that clients often call about:

A. Tank relocation

B. Cracked glass or leaking pond

C. Disease outbreak within your aquarium

D. Problem Fish




Regular Monthly Service$140 p/h$30 per 15 min thereafter
One off service or call out$185 p/h$30 per 15 min thereafter
Consultation (Verbal Only)$125 p/h$25 per 15 min thereafter
Casual call – up to 15 mins

e.g delivery, diagnosis, etc
$55 minimum
Drawings, Design & Reports$110 p/h$25 per 15 min thereafter
Project Management$110 p/h$25 per 15 min thereafter
Emergency Call OutPhone us for a quotation

Please Be Aware Of The Following:


  • For large jobs requiring two people, to comply with WHS/OH&S Acts, multiply the above costing by two
  • Clients located in areas where parking is restricted, additional charges may be incurred.
  • Rescheduling of appointments requires a minimum of 48 hours notice. Without this notice the “one off” rate will apply.
  • Pond jobs will attract an $25 levy should the use of our pond vacuum cleaner or high pressure machine be necessary.
  • A cleaning charge of $4.00 per drum (20 lt) will be enforced when drums are required for re-locations.
  • Travelling time may be booked if greater than 10KM from Brookvale. Excess distance rate = $1.00 per kilometre X 2 for return journey.

Should you have any recommendations on how we can improve our service we would appreciate hearing from you. Remember that when you use Fish4u you are in good hands with trained staff and a wealth of experience we are able to satisfy all your aquatic needs. Thank you for your continued support.

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